To become a well known “One-Stop-Shop” Outlet and Provider of “Free & Fast Delivery” of Cleaning Solutions (Chemicals, Supplies, & Equipment) for Dealership, Households, & SME Business Establishments.


Our mission is to satisfy & delight our customers, and focus on winning their confidence and loyalty.


We provide high quality, affordable and cost-effective cleaning chemicals, equipment, and services, and is committed to:

  • Delivering customer value and satisfaction, through innovative products and services that consistently meet customer requirements.
  • Complying with existing applicable laws and regulations.
  • Generating a fair share of returns to our shareholders, ensuring sustainability of operations, strengthening the company’s image, and protecting investments through good governance.
  • Ensuring that our people are the most competent, qualified, and well trained in the industry, committed to giving their best in a work environment that is responsive to their needs.
  • Providing the needed resources through strong partnerships with key suppliers.
  • Giving back to the community, considering their health and welfare, and caring for the environment through eco-friendly processes and products.

We will strive to continually improve our processes and systems, using appropriate technologies to respond effectively to changing business requirements.

Professional Customer Service Values

We are committed to provide:

  • Responsive
  • Prompt
  • Personalized
  • Competent Service

on our Customer Service, Selling, and Delivery of Products and Services.

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