Powerclean Chemicals Bahay Pack: Your Household Cleaning Solutions

Laundry and cleaning are the toughest thing to do at home. Doing so can eat up all your time and even the time that is supposedly for your family will be gone because of it. Do not let this happen to you, you need to be more wise in dealing with it. Learn to have a proper gear and supplies for this kind of job. Be ready and prepare the things that you will need. It’s better to be fully equipped than doing it unprepared.

We at Powerclean Chemicals knows that these things happen in the home. That is why we come up for another Sulit Pack that is designed for household use, the Bahay Pack that every homeowner should have. With our quality, affordable cleaning products. Powerclean Chemicals assures that everything you need for your home is all in one sulit pack, from laundry, kitchen, bathroom, floors, and doors and windows.

Check out below for the list of products included in Bahay Pack:

  • 1 kilo Wave Supreme Powder Detergent
  • 1 liter Liquid Bleach
  • 1 liter Fabric Softener Regular
  • 1 liter Liquid Detergent
  • 1 liter Dishwashing Liquid
  • 1 liter Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • 1 liter Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • 1 liter Air Freshener
  • 1 liter Buffable Emulsion Wax
  • 1 liter Glass Cleaner

What are the benefits?

  • The Bahay Pack provides majority of the cleaning supplies.
  • A great gift for your friends.

The Powerclean Chemicals Bahay Pack is for only Php 678.00 and this is the basic cleaning products in every home. Get our new and improved high quality Powerclean Chemicals. For more information about our Bahay Pack you can call (02) 531-4444 or call us for delivery through our Express Delivery. Subscribe to us or Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/powercleanofficial.

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