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Thinking of a profitable business without compromising your budget? Want to develop your own business by way of diversity? For the past 2 years, Oxychem Chemicals has conclusively prove to have a broad and diversified network with 13 distributors across the country. It started on May 15, 2013, when the ownership of Powerclean Davao Branch has transferred its ownership to a distributor. Since then, Oxychem Corporation adopted the concept of distributorship in the provinces. In 2014, there were seven (7) additional distributor emerge from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Powerclean Distributorship is like a franchising concept. However, Oxychem Corporation’s concept has no franchise fee, instead, it transferred the distribution of its brands namely, Powerclean, Oxypro, Oxypro Plus, Paragon, Powerclean Custodial, and BSC (Business, Skills, & Career) Training Institute to an authorized private trading individual who meet our requirements. What are the Objectives of Distributor Program?

  • To extend the reach of Oxychem brands in various provinces around the Philippines.
  • To help Small and Medium Entrepreneurs in developing its own business enterprise.
  • To be able to transfer the technology of cleaning solutions in the rural area.

One of the goals of Distributor Program is to educate the distributor to learn more about the advantages of our cleaning chemicals which have proven over time, with further improvement and support of our Research and Development Team in studying on how we can make better of our products. All authorized distributors are allowed to sell and promote the Oxychem products and services. We provide training to distributors, sales and technical representatives on a per quarter basis.  Also, Marketing support is given to strengthen its information dissemination of all brands. Aside from that, Oxychem Corporation is giving a Distributors Incentive Program to motivate them achieve and surpass the required sales quota. If you want to be part of our Distributorship Program and would like to be one of Oxychem Corporation’s distributor, please contact us on our Hotline a (02) 531-4444, Mobile number (Smart) 0999-7885673, Telefax (02) 477-4575. You can also Email us at or visit us in our main office at #500 Oxychem Building, Boni Avenue, Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City.

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