Are you one of those who ventured in the current fan of DIY Laundry Shop or we call Do-It Yourself Laundry?  Don’t you know that you can add a lot other businesses in your shop?  You will see that you can really earn more in this kind of laundry shop.

One of the businesses you can have and sure to earn is the “Powerclean Negosyo Package”.  This is selling the New Product Line of Powerclean which are “Powerclean Liquid Detergent for HE Washers and Fabric Conditioners for a small capital of P1,558.50.  And when you do that, your potential earning can reach up to P28,000.00. Isn’t that very encouraging?

Powerclean formulated this Liquid Detergent for HE Washers in order to provide the Owners the proper chemicals for the Frontload Machines.  At present, there is no available product in the market for this kind of machine.  Powerclean Liquid Detergent is a low suds formula, strongly removes organic stains, prevents soap scums, and rinses off completely.

This product is appropriate for your machines because of its low amount of suds and high concentration of detergent. This product is what your clients really need.  Why? This is because it will protect your machines from early breakdown brought about by use of inappropriate detergents which are high foam.  This is actually double purpose for you, to safeguard your biggest investment, your machines and earn more while operating your shop.

Another product is the Fabric Conditioner with Fragrance Microcapsules with two variants:  Autumn Breeze and Spring Burst with longer lasting fragrance, and outstanding softening effects.  You will never go wrong in selling this product because this is what your clients need now, longer lasting fragrance more than its softening effect.

The Powerclean Negosyo Package will include  2 gallons of Powerclean Liquid Detergents, 1 gallon of Powerclean Fabric Conditioner (Spring Burst Scent) and 1 gallon of Powerclean Fabric Conditioner (Autumn Breeze Scent), Plastic Bottles for selling of Liquid Detergent and Fabric Conditioner, and Freebies such Product Shelf (Free on Loan) , 20 Refill Bottles, Refiller Bottle and Measuring Stick.

You will surely earn on this Negosyo Package!  For more information, please call up the Head Office: Tel no. 531-4444; 477-45-95 or send us message in this website.

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