Powerclean helps in Cleaning Matters.

Do you have Problems in Cleaning? Ask Powerclean, Your Cleaning Buddy Problems are commonly encountered when washing laundries, cleaning surfaces, floors, sinks, windows, cars, restaurants, saunas, swimming pool, etc. This time, you are not alone in solving it.
Powerclean, your Cleaning Buddy is here to help you. Just pm your problem, give us background on how the problem started, what has already been done to solve it, its current situation, and your requested action. You may also give us photo of its current appearance.
We will get in touch with you to discuss the problem, and together, we will give our best to solve it. Try us……..
We can help you, call us on our hotline: (02) 531-4444 | 0999-788-5673

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Address: 500 Boni Avenue, Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Phone: (02) 531-4444

Email: info@powerclean.com.ph

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Client Review

“Powerclean is tested best for basic cleaning chemicals. Their products are affordable but of high quality. Use it and see its effectiveness, plus you can save more in your expense for cleaning chemicals”

Marita Relampagos

“Ok ang Powerclean Wave Supreme Powder Detergent. 3 days kong nababad yung mga damit ko, mabango padin sya.”

Andrea Ramos

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 500 Boni Avenue Brgy.Plainview Mandaluyong City